Vision for Haiti founded in May 2009

Dear Beatrice,

We are delighted to donate 1000 doses of adult Td vaccine for your work in Haiti. We will have two boxes each weighing between 50-52lbs ready for your pick up on Sunday March 28th at 11am in the Lobby. These boxes will be packed so the temperature will be maintained until Tuesday 8am.

I am attaching directions to MassBiologics and our main phone number in case there are any last minute changes. On the weekend, the individual who will be your contact if there are any question is Paul Bergonzi (and I will send you his contact information tomorrow) I am attaching directions to our facility.


Donna Ambrosino
CEO University of Massachusetts Medical School


Hi Bettie,

After a lavished fund raising dinner held in spring valley on April 1st,Vision for Haiti embarked on a medical mission in Meyer,Grand- Goave. Everything went fine as schedule.Besides given away about 450 vaccinations against tetanos, we attended more than 300 sick patients,among them some that needed urgent medical interventions.With the help of our skilled nurses, we could handle those emergent situations effectively.

From the Meyer clinic staff, we received a very warm welcome. The patients were satisfied and everybody was happy. Bettie, Cam, Evita, Sonnie, you really did a good job. Hat down.

Salutations Chaleureuses!

Warm Regards!

Jean Wilner Mathieu.



Hi Beatrice,

Thanks for completing your application. Attached is the preliminary manifest for your shipment. Please review it to make sure that the products and their configurations are correct based on your request. Due to inventory constraints I wasn’t able to add everything that you requested, but tried to get as close as I could. However, as it currently stands based on your requests your shipment is 391lbs, an inorder to send it via FedEx it needs to be reduced to 275lbs or less.

Please review the manifest and let me know where you would like to make reductions in order to get the shipment under 275lbs.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Julia Bolton
Americares Medical Outreach Program